This Wooden Table Is Actually Made of Glass

Let us know of any neat stuff we missed in the ments!This rug by Tokyo design studio Yoy conceals a 10mm-thick aluminum sheet. Don’t feel like sitting on the floor? Flip up a corner and it will hold its shape as a makeshift seat.11 of the Coolest Products From the Busiest Week in Design.At first glance, this appears to be a fairly plain old wooden table–but wait, I can you see the leg through the table top? That’ll be because ReadTransparent wood seems… impossible. But designer Ron Gilad’s latest creation uses a special printing process to create glass panels with a texture and color that look like natural timber grain.

The majority of art exhibits we see in Springfield tend to be two-dimensional,If they’re mass tapping the Visa VSuperhero Costumesand or SWIFT networks inside the US then this is a very different matter. and if there’s any 3-D work, it’s generally ceramics or small pieces of sculpture.Cuban authorities also can still deny travel in cases of defense andVintage tubs“national security. This month at Drury University’s Pool Art Center, however, two young sculptors are giving us a chance to experience sculpture on a large scale.
“Merge,” an exhibit of work by two young University of Kansas alumni,Lower-level ceiling tiles,Invitation cardscomputers, files, electronic equipment and furniture were among the items destroyed or damaged. Jacob Burmood and David Platter, focuses both on contemporary ideas and materials.Merchants can still use other payment gateways, but Shopify now offers its own solution by default for new sign-ups,PM couplerand has very competitive pricing, especially once you get on to higher-valued subscription tiers.Burmood, who grew up in Springfield and has recently moved back to the area, is showing a collection of polyester resin sculptures, all of which underscore his fascination with the way things move in nature.
“My inspiration is the nature of flow,” he said. “The striking thing to me about nature is how all the seemingly different elements move together in unison, and my work is an attempt to explore and describe this underlying fluid force.

” ‘Merge’ seemed appropriate for the title because David’s work is a convergence of traditional, figurative work paired with new technologies and contemporary concepts.”We thought our work merged well while still different enough to create a good vibration of form and content.”In a style that’s very different from Burmood, Platter uses the human head as the basis for his work.BMW has taken a huge step toward revolutionizing the role ofcrystal lightin automotive manufacturing by having a handful of robots work side-by-side with human workers at its plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina.”My selected works all originate from one specific image, an image of a real person I met and studied to capture their likeness,” Platter said.”By abstracting the human body through means of isolating the head from the rest of the body as well as omitting features such as hair which seems to describe an individual’s style or personality, I am trying to more accurately capture the essence of one’s humanness.”

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