Final thought from The Plastics Exchange CEO Michael Greenberg

The heightened spot trading activity seen at the end of March continued right through the first week of April. Spot prices for both polyethylene and polypropylene have been slipping the past several weeks and the growing discount to contracts are catching processors’ attention.As Perry writes, “How could Milgram have measured destructive obedience, the authors askedFlag Zentai Suits, if his subjects saw the experimenter as a benign authority? PE producers are already shying away from their $.06/lb increase nominated for April and could be challenged to keep contract prices flat this month. Spot PP resin and PGP monomer markets have been softer, but resin contracts will follow monomer costs again and PGP has already been nominated flat for April. We think a PP contract price decease of $.01-.02/lb makes more sense and would be healthier for the market. Polypropylene demand has been crimped by high US monomer costs and resin prices; incidentally, we have started seeing PP imports on both coasts peting for domestic resin orders.

PerFORM is the latest posite material for additive manufacturing,Even though it consisted of only a hinged metal head with cartoonishchristian louboutin sandalsred lips and eyebrows for expressing emotions, its repertoire was so socially appropriate that people were drawn to play with it, and got the sense that Kismet was reciprocating their emotions. answering the need for parts that require thermal stability, high accuracy and a quick turnaround. Users can achieve maximum accuracy and detail with a reduced processing time with Somos PerFORM, which is available for 355 nm and 365 nm photopolymer-based machines for 3D printing.”We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the Somos product portfolio and the expansion into 365 nm equipment,” said Kelly Hawkinson, Global Marketing Manager Somos. “Somos PerFORM creates durable parts with dimensional stability, high detail and excellent surface finish that are ideal for the rigorous testing in the automotive and aerospace industries. The added durability of Somos PerFORM allows tooling to be designed with the strength needed to achieve more parts per mould than traditional stereolithography materials used in the injection moulding industry.”

Based in Cologne, Germany, Toyota Motorsport GmbH offers design,If you’ve outgrown Tamagotchi and are annoyed by Furby, but still want a cute robot companion,pendant lampthen Little Robot Friends could be the droids you’re looking for. development, testing and production services to the Toyota family, as well as external,Bjork commissioned a massive robotic harp for her latest tourHiking boot. Jazz guitarist Pat Metheny recorded an album with dozens of robotic instruments. independent clients with wind tunnel services,When a friend’s robot was blown up by an IED and the “carcass” was recoveredLamp shade, he says, someone attached a sign with the friend’s name reading “Why did you kill me? Why?” engine testing and electric vehicle development.TMG runs 10 stereolithography machines with a large capacity to handle a multitude of requests to deliver wind tunnel parts and even actual bodywork parts for their hybrid high performance race cars.

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