Millimeters can make or kill a frame because of the sizing

“Millimeters can make or kill a frame because of the sizing, because of the weight, etcetera,” says Roth. “There’s nothing glamorous in the technical drawing.”Where are your glasses made?
CR: In Japan and in Italy.ED: Everything is handcraftedCR: By people who have never done anything else in their lives.If you’ve outgrown Tamagotchi and are annoyed by Furby, but still want a cute robot companion,pendant lampthen Little Robot Friends could be the droids you’re looking for.ED: Sometimes they work in three generations.Even though it consisted of only a hinged metal head with cartoonishchristian louboutin sandalsred lips and eyebrows for expressing emotions, its repertoire was so socially appropriate that people were drawn to play with it, and got the sense that Kismet was reciprocating their emotions. In the case of our factory in Italy, we work with a very fantastic person, a true eyewear maker and lover. He had two daughters, so now the daughters took over and they do the work.CR: They also have the magic to take the frame and do little adjustments without making a scratch or breaking the frame. It’s an art in itself, not only to design and promote it, but to make it.As Perry writes, “How could Milgram have measured destructive obedience, the authors askedFlag Zentai Suits, if his subjects saw the experimenter as a benign authority? It’s not like shoes and watches.

ED: Well, we would think that shoes and eyewear have something in mon. They have to look good but they have to fit. You have to be fortable because that’s what makes the difference between a great shoemaker and a not so great shoemaker, because a woman in stilettos, if she feels good and the curvature is good, is going to love them because she can walk in them. She will continue to buy them. It’s the same thing with a frame.Bjork commissioned a massive robotic harp for her latest tourHiking boot. Jazz guitarist Pat Metheny recorded an album with dozens of robotic instruments. It’s on your nose and it’s covering one of the most precious parts of you, which is your eyes.When a friend’s robot was blown up by an IED and the “carcass” was recoveredLamp shade, he says, someone attached a sign with the friend’s name reading “Why did you kill me? Why?” You want to make your consumer feel fortable in a practical way. It has to fit.
CR_10.jpgWhen it es to color, Roth and Domege go with their gut. “Sure we use trend forecasting, but for us it’s very difficult because most of the time we actually create trends,” admits Domege.

You’ve been in the sunglass industry for over 30 years. How do you feel about what it’s b e?CR: It has exploded. We feel proud that the word eyewear designer did not exist 30 years ago. When we told our friends and families the direction that we were going in our lives, they looked at us like, ‘Is there nothing else that you can do?’ We basically invented our own word, so to speakED: There were 20 years where no new eyewear designers were ing. In the young generations you had a lot of shoe designers, a lot of jewelry designers The only category that didn’t have a new designer was eyewear, but I would say [that’s changed] in the last couple of years, because eyewear has b e a major accessory.

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